Lead Agency: Dr Craig Mundy, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)

End Date: 28 February 2022

Status: In Progress

Aims and Objectives:

The principal aim of this project is to extend our understanding of the seasonal changes and
geographical gradients or breakpoints in understory algal communities on productive abalone reefs
as a major determinant of reef/block scale abalone productivity. The secondary aim is to place the
nutritional quality of understory species adjacent to point-source and/or unnatural inputs in
context to the natural and dynamic contribution from natural processes.

Our specific objectives are;

  1.  To classify the productivity of East coast abalone blocks using key nutritional components of
    understory algae as a proxy for potential productivity.
  2.  Determine the role of nutritional status of kelp in the annual seasonal (summer) decline in
    condition and resilience of abalone to post-harvest stresses
  3. Examine the seasonal changes of understory algae nutrition at specific locations where
    nutrient input is increased (sewerage discharge) and/or displays a non-natural pattern of arrival (e.g. weekly feeding of salmon).

Further information will be provided soon.

Featured image: Dean Lisson

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