Lead Agency: Dr Craig Mundy, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)

End Date: 31 March 2022

Status: In Progress

Aims and Objectives:

The principal aim of this project is to determine the primary factors contributing to the seasonal decline in condition of blacklip abalone on eastern Tasmanian rocky reefs.  A secondary aim is to determine the effect of sub-lethal exposure to elevated temperatures as potential cause of recruitment failure.

Specific objectives are;

  1. Quantify change in physiological status of abalone across seasons in relation to maximum temperature and rate of change in temperature.
  2. Determine whether re-conditioning of abalone is feasible prior to live export.
  3. Determine the effect of sub-lethal physiological response to key organism functions (growth, reproductive output).
  4. If time permits, use abiotic conditions (temperature, swell) as predictors of stress in population dynamic predictive models under future climate change scenarios.

Further information will be provided soon.

Featured image: Dean Lisson

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