Lead Agency: Dr John Keane, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)

End Date: 1 March 2020


Aims and Objectives:

The project is for a 3 month Centrostephanus exhibition in the public space at the IMAS Salamanca between January and March 2020. This display will tell the story of the urchin problem in Tasmania and inform about control options. The exhibition will contain live urchins, photographic exhibition, public art, info-posters and brochures on impacts, video display of barrens and fishing, 360 Virtual Reality (VR) setup. There will also be a launch and finale events which would include talks, urchin tastings, interactive displays, VR.


Featured image: Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

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Black urchin barren centrostephanus rodgersiiProject 1 - Scott Ling